Awesome honey cake

Take home one of the most popular cakes in the world…

honey cake pin



250 g butter for baking
3 eggs
3 tablespoons dark honey
300 g sugar grit
400 g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 handful of walnuts for garnish


1 tin of caramel Salka (milk caramel)
300 g butter



1. Prepare a water bath. Pour water into a saucepan and place it on a larger fireproof bowl so that it does not touch the surface. Water, bring to a boil. Put the butter into a bowl for baking and let it slowly dissolve. Then let her eggs and gradually add honey, sugar, flour and baking soda. Preheat oven to 170 hot air at 150 degrees.

2. Mixture in a bowl mix the wooden spoon for approximately ten minutes, until the dough will have a golden color. To the untrained arm is a fairly difficult task, so feel free to use the submersible electric helper. Births Divide the dough into six equal parts.

3. The draw sheet baking paper and trace it on a plate or cake tin (depending on what you carve slices baked). In a circle, then a rubber spatula, spread the dough as thinly; It should circle around a centimeter beyond. Pancake bake until golden brown (seven to ten minutes) and do the same thing and the other. In a convection oven, you can bake plates at once.

4. Chop the cooked pancakes. Each can lay a plate and knife, trim the excess margin. We used an adjustable cake tins; You can help too common form of cake that has a removable bottom. Margins do not throw away, you’ll need it for the final decorating.

5. Make a cream topping. Butter and milk caramel, beat with a hand or electric beater until smooth; It takes about ten minutes. Finally, prepare the topping out remaining dough pieces – regions into the bowl, and crumble with your fingers is finely and stir them with finely chopped nuts.

6. Assemble the cake. Using a round knife, spread the cream on the first sheet. Fold the other pancakes, which re-grease the buttercream. Repeat until you do not run Gingerbread plates. At the end rub the entire cake, including the hips cream and sprinkle with prepared topping. Allow at least until the next day to rest.