Delicious grilled steak with herbs

Aroma of grilled meat, herbs and spices … When you’re very hungry, you need to eat something decent. Grilling steak with perfectly balanced flavors is the right choice …

grill pin


0.5 kg pork roast
5 drops of lime juice
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
0.1 l olive oil
4 sprigs fresh thyme
2 sprigs fresh oregano
0.25 liters of white wine
ground pepper
1 sprig of rosemary or thyme



On this grilled dish we need half a kilo of meat suitable for grilling, such as pork, chops, roast pork. Slice the meat across the grain into slices about 1cm thick.

Prepare a simple marinade of 0.25 liters of white wine, 1 dl olive oil and fresh herbs (we prefer thyme, oregano, rosemary, according to taste, but it is possible to use other aromatic herbs) and we drizzle with lime.

Finely sliced meat tenderize to taste with salt and pepper, but usually only slightly, we eclipsed the aroma of herbs. Meat to cut the edges, put in the marinade and let rest at least two hours, preferably longer, ideal overnight in the refrigerator.

Procedure barbecue pork steaks with herbs on an outdoor grill is next. We use the grill tray that with oil or other suitable grease and only then put the marinated meat. Grill about 3-4 minutes on one side of the lot-hot fire, then turn the meat, brush with marinade and grill 3-4 minutes on the other side. We will lower the temperature a little (or move coals, peel back the grate) give us Butcher burn and turn again, brush with marinade and 2-3 minutes grill, then again turn the meat and rub after a few pan fries the meat is ready. Be sure to let the meat is grilled over the heat for at least 10 minutes to make it perfectly done, on the other hand, not dry meat over the heat for a long time. Similarly, we prepare grill gas or electric contact, of course, without a tray.

Tip: To combat the marinade can be used sprig of thyme or rosemary.

Suitable side dishes to grilled pork steak in herbs and fresh vegetables – lettuce, peas, cucumber and tomatoes.